If we could capture all that energy...

The only people that will remember how much you worked when you die will be your children

If we could capture all that energy...

I've been seeing this post on LinkedIn for a while now, seems to be trending. I tend to see the world from a different perspective many times. When I read these phrases or watch some television commercial (very rarely lately, but that is a subject for another post), my mind tends to search for the hidden meaning or the other side of the story.

When I read this sentence my mind started racing with possibilities and cases where it just didn't feel right. I want to share two ideas that were not what the author had in mind, but before doing that let me state that I understand what they are trying to say and the importance of dedicating time to those things that are important to you, be that children, family, religion, hobbies,... whatever you decide and is "conflicting" with those extra hours. As long as you are "happy", at least for now.

The first idea I want to share is that I think it is unfair in many cases. Let's imagine a gynecologist, who misses his/her daughter's dance because he is bringing new life into the world, or a firefighter who is called in for an emergency or an important meeting that will bring financial stability and a better possible future for your kids,... yes, your kids don't have those hours but you are not throwing those hours away, you are making the world a better place. Even if it isn't for such "noble" causes as the previous ones, YOU ARE doing it for a better good.

Before writing this article I had a search and found this tweet:

“20 years from now, the only people who will remember that you worked late are your kids” has both a positive and a negative connotation…

Negative: They’ll remember you missing time with them.

Positive: They’ll remember your discipline, work ethic, and energy for growth.


That is what I am trying to share, it isn't all bad, we must read carefully and question what we see. Society makes us feel bad for doing that extra effort while at the same time, it tells us to pursue our dreams and sacrifice for a better good which only a handful of people in the world actually achieve.

Following the line of thought above I share the second idea I had. I don't believe the sentence is true, there are going to be many people who will remember those extra hours and that extra effort to help and touch other people's lives. How many families will remember that gynecologist? How many people will remember you helped them in those extra hours to get something done? That you made that extra effort to teach them something. I bet there are going to be a lot of them. Each one of those people are going to spark an energy in their brain and body and remember the moments you touched their lives, even your kids will remember the times you WERE there.

If we could capture all that energy and put it all together, it would shine like a star! Like the star that you are!

Don't let these phrases change who you are, use them to become better, think, question everything, grow and SHINE!

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